A year has gone, ALOT of changes here, most for the better, a few not so much. One bad being my lift sits in a shipping container back at the house…

I have halted all work (mostly) to build a 49′ ford shoebox with someone brave enough to give this (me) a chance.

The modification list for this is ridiculous.

  • crown vic front and rear, disk brakes
  • rear 4 link and Qa1 coils
  • mobsteel 20’s
  • modular 302 with AOD trans, mild head work
  • fitech injection
  • power brakes
  • chopped
  • channeled
  • shaved everything
  • aluminum radiator
  • hardline work
  • billet steering wheel
  • dakota digital gauges

and then some. Which brings us to now working on the chop,Jan 19th…. We started November 25th.